Rhythm City Characters

Rhythm City Junior Cast of Characters

Rhythm City

Rhythm City Junior Cast of Characters
(in order of appearance)

CAST SIZE: 17 - 100+ (Some cast members may play multiple roles if desired)

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Crooks (1, 2 & 3) [F or M] adults
Mr. Bennett [M–baritone] adult
Mrs. Bennett [F–alto] adult
Theresa Bennett [F–soprano] teenager
Cody Bennett [F or M] adolescent
Cheri [F] adult
Townspeople [F & M] town ensemble, all ages (may double as Hawks)
Hawks Gang:
Mitzi [F–soprano] teenager
Jazz [F or M] teenager
Rudy [F or M] teenager
Bette [F–alto] teenager
Scrub [F or M] adolescent
Reyna [F–alto] teenager
Frankie [M–baritenor or F–alto] teenager
Chase [M–tenor] teenager
Other Hawks [F & M] gang members, teenagers (may double as Town)
Mayor Harper [F–alto or M–baritone] adult
Others [F & M] various speaking and/or singing roles, all ages