Rhythm City Licensing Information

Rhythm City Licensing Information

Rhythm City Licensing Information Rhythm City Junior

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"Your Director's Package is awesome! The materials are better than anything I have ever received for any play or musical I have directed in my 30 years of directing! Thank you so very much for saving my manager and me so much work and time."
~Cor Jesu Academy, St. Louis, MO

What Rhythm City has to Offer

If you would like more information about producing Rhythm City or Rhythm City Junior at your school or theater, please fill out this form, and you will receive an email with detailed licensing Information.

In addition to the standard materials (scripts, vocal books, conductor's score, piano-vocal book, and orchestra parts), Rhythm City and Rhythm City Junior also offer valuable money-saving resources such as:

  • Rhythm City Orchestration CD A professionally-recorded, flawless Orchestration CD with all music for the entire show (includes rights to use for all performances as well as rehearsals).
  • Rhythm City Choreography DVD The Steps of Rhythm City: A Choreography DVD in which the original choreographer teaches step-by-step instructions for all choreography in the original production. (see preview below)
  • Rhythm City Director Package A Director's Package data CD containing:
    • Blocking Script (with original director's blocking notes)
    • Line Memorization Recordings (for each character)
    • Props List
    • Illustrated Costume Breakdown
    • Set Design Sketches
    • Callback Cuts
    • Sample Rehearsal Schedule
    • Editable Mic Plot
    • And much more!

If you would like further information, please feel free to Contact Us at any time.