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Rhythm City Junior Plot Synopsis

Rhythm City Junior

Rhythm City Junior Music & Plot Synopsis

This MP3 player contains sample audio selections from the Original Cast Recording. Listen to songs whenever noted ("bold with quotes") in the plot synopsis!

With simplified songs & dialogue and a run-time of only one hour, Rhythm City Junior retains the charm and fun of Rhythm City at a scale that is crafted specifically for Middle School and Junior High performers!

Act I

Setting: Summer, 1992.

Act I, Scene 1—Empty Street

The Bennett family (Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, Theresa, and Cody) and a woman named Cheri unwittingly find themselves as eyewitnesses to a bank robbery. When their lives are threatened by the Crooks, they flee to Cheri's hometown to seek refuge.

Act I, Scene 2—Rhythm City Town Square

Upon arrival in "Rhythm City," the Bennetts are greeted by the entire town in a musical number with a harmonized chorus of song and dance. The family is both confused and disturbed at this unexplained phenomenon and listens in disbelief as Cheri tries to explain to them that such spontaneous singing and dancing occurs every day in Rhythm City. Attempting to prove her point, Cheri asks strangers for directions and receives, for her answer, a brief song and dance about how to get to the "Bookstore."

Act I, Scene 3—Hawks' Hangout (a Junkyard)

Cheri and the Bennett family are led to a junkyard that is used as the hangout for a local gang called the Hawks. "In Just a Single Moment," their leader Chase is captivated by Theresa's beauty and begins a musical soliloquy, which is quickly interrupted. The gang then introduces themselves through high-energy song and dance, proudly proclaiming, "We're the Hawks."

Act I, Scene 4—Hawks' Hangout

Upon learning that Cody doesn't know how to dance, three members of the Hawks (Frankie, Bette, and Mitzi) take it upon themselves to teach him how to "Lift Those Heels." He catches on quickly, and soon all four are dancing in unison. Frankie then offers Cody a chance to join the gang by spray painting "HAWKS" on the town monument.

Act I, Scene 5—Hawks' Hangout

Theresa reveals to Chase her frustration with the illogical, spontaneous singing and dancing of Rhythm City. When she leaves to find Cody, Chase's ex-girlfriend Reyna tries in vain to reestablish their relationship, but Chase has his sights firmly set on Theresa.

Act I, Scene 6—Outside Rhythm City

Reyna has an unintended meeting with the Crooks who are checking cities for their witnesses. They give her a card with a phone number to call if she finds the Bennetts.

Act I, Scene 7—Town Square

Cheri and Mr. and Mrs. Bennett attend a heated town meeting. Angry that the town monument has been defaced, Mayor Harper gives an inspirational speech and song about "How to Break Up a Gang." To Cheri's dismay, the townspeople, along with Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, rally behind Harper's charisma.

Act I, Scene 8—Town Square

Theresa reveals that she is the only member of her family who remains unaffected by Rhythm City's musical quality. Chase begins a song in an attempt to change this, and although he is initially met with resistance, Theresa unexpectedly joins in until they are both singing a beautiful "Song of Our Own." After their duet, the two hold hands and exit together. Reyna enters and watches forlornly after them.


Act II

Act II, Scene 1—A Park Bench

Reyna implores Mitzi's help with a plan to make quick money, be rid of Theresa (of whom, at this point, Reyna is quite jealous), and be "Gone" without a trace. With Mitzi's reluctant agreement to help, Reyna determines to contact the Crooks regarding the whereabouts of their witnesses.

Act II, Scene 2—Town Square

Chase and Theresa sing a duet about Theresa's discovery of the "Music of Life." Later, the Crooks arrive in town and, like the Bennetts, are greeted with "The Welcome," a full-ensemble song and dance at which they are dumbfounded. Reyna finds the Crooks and directs them to the Hawks' hangout. While trying to lead the Hawks away as a diversion, Mitzi accidentally reveals Reyna's plan, and the gang rushes to find Chase and save Cheri and the Bennetts.

Act II, Scene 3—Hawks' Hangout

Cheri and the Bennett family are tricked into arriving at the Hawks' hangout, where the Crooks have set an ambush. When Reyna attempts to ensure that they won't be harmed, she becomes another intended victim. The Hawks spring to "The Rescue" and overwhelm the criminals. When the group leaves to contact the police, Reyna admits her guilt privately to Chase and decides to leave Rhythm City.

Act II, Scene 4—Town Square

The entire town gathers to applaud the bravery of the Hawks and joins Mayor Harper in extending "Congratulations" to the gang. The Bennett family determine to stay in Rhythm City. Theresa and Chase are excited to get to be together and Cody is welcomed back with the Hawks. Together the town celebrates the inspiring reality that this is the start of "A Brand New Life."

Total Runtime: 65 minutes